Alex Harrison Parker | Planetary Astronomy

Planetary Astronomer, Southwest Research Institute

Research scientist in planetary astronomy at the Southwest Research Institute, supporting NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto, and developing the post-Pluto mission into the Kuiper Belt. Expert in the dynamics of binary minor planets, detection and characterization of trans-Neptunian objects, and the origin of the architecture of our Solar System.

National Geographic:

Scientists Discover a Dark Moon in the Distant Solar System (April 2016)



"How Pluto's most spectacular image was made - and nearly lost." (July 2015)


Universe Today:

"Some Planet-like Kuiper Belt Objects Don't Play 'Nice' (January 2013)

"Neptune Acquitted on One Count of Harassment" (October 2010)


Wired interview:

"Astronomer Creates Hubble Image Mashup of Starry Night and Composes Cosmic Conciertos" Jakob Schiller (October 2012)


Discovery News:

"All of Kepler's Exoplanets Orbiting One Star" Ian O'Neil (August 2012)

"Hubble Mosaic Pays Tribute to Van Gogh" Jennifer Ouellette (September 2012)

"Space Music: Supernova Sonatas and Neil's Armsong" Robert Lamb (June 2011)


Nature News:

"Kuiper Belt may be Born of Collisions" Rick Lovett (October 2010)


Scientific American:

"Wanted: New Worlds beyond Pluto" Ken Croswell (April 2013)

"All 2299 Kepler exoplanet candidates orbiting one star" Kelly Oakes (August 2012) 



"Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night Recreated Entirely Out Of Real Galaxy Images" Meredith Woerner (September 2012)

"And now, a video of 2,299 exoplanets orbiting a single star" Robert T. Gonzalez (August 2012)

"Three years of supernova explosions become beautiful music" Alasdair Wilkins (May 2011)



"Quirks and Quarks" radio interview: "Neptune Not Guilty" (October 2010)


Astronomy Now:

"Neptune not guilty of moving Kuiper Belt" (October 2010)

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