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Planetary Astronomer, Southwest Research Institute

Research scientist in planetary astronomy at the Southwest Research Institute, supporting NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto, and developing the post-Pluto mission into the Kuiper Belt. Expert in the dynamics of binary minor planets, detection and characterization of trans-Neptunian objects, and the origin of the architecture of our Solar System.


Makemake System mutual events


Makemake is the second-brightest Trans-Neptunian Object and is similar to Pluto in its volatile-dominated surface composition. Makemake and its moon are in a near edge-on configuration, making mutual events likely in the near future. Below are predicted times of mutual events and their properties for observation planning.

We are coordinating an observation campaign to determine if mutual events are indeed occurring and to use them to map the surface of Makemake and measure the size of its satellite. If you are interested in joining this campaign, please contact us.

v01 predictions of superior ingress dates.

v01 predictions of superior ingress dates.

Mutual event Predictions

The satellite of Makemake was revealed in data collected by the Hubble Space Telescope GO Program 13668 (PI Buie), and its orbit was measured using data from the HST GO Program 15207 (PI Parker). Further observations will be collected as part of HST GO Program 15500, and our predictions of mutual events will be updated as we refine our analysis of existing data and incorporate new data. Check back here for updated prediction tables.


Mutual event data

As mutual events are collected, links to data sets will be hosted here.


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